Low carbon-emitting energy production

As much as 99.7% of the electricity generated by the GEN Group power plants comes from sustainable and renewable low-carbon sources. Our power plants operate efficiently and effectively. Their annual output ranges between 5,600 and 6,300 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity, accounting for more than 40 percent of the country's total electricity production. After Croatia receives its share of electricity from NEK, the GEN Group's share accounts for around 30 percent of all the electricity generated by Slovenia's power plants.

In addition to large power generation facilities, the GEN Group also incorporates small-sized generation units.

To provide ancillary services for the national electric power grid, the gas-fired power plant TEB is also part of the GEN Group.

In terms of CO2 emissions, the GEN Group's production portfolio, compared with the national portfolio of electricity production sources, is environmentally acceptable and oriented towards sustainability. Carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated from low-carbon nuclear and hydro energy in the GEN Group stand at 3 grams.  By contrast, the national average in terms of CO2 emissions per kilowatt-hour is 460 g. 

Control Centre

The GEN Group Control Centre ensures optimal production across the Group's power plants and optimizes operating costs for the entire Group.

GEN Control Centre is the central hub for steering the operation of our power generation facilities under normal as well as emergency operating conditions.


GEN Control Centre's main tasks are to:

  • ensure maximum utilization of all available production units,
  • coordinate and synchronize the operation of production units,
  • minimize the impacts of unforeseen events.


GEN Control Centre supervises the production process at SEL hydroelectric power plants (Moste HPP, Mavčiče HPP, Medvode HPP, Vrhovo HPP), hydroelectric power plants on the lower Sava River (Boštanj HPP, Arto - Blanca HPP, Krško HPP), Brestanica Thermal Power Plant, and Krško Nuclear Power Plant. To interact and collaborate in the electricity market, the production units are brought together under the GEN balancing subgroup. Optimized operating timetables are designed (day-ahead, intra-day) for this balancing subgroup. Production is constantly being monitored for deviations from the timetables, and if any deviation is observed, appropriate measures are taken. This allows us to fully utilize all the synergies arising from the specifications of individual production units across the entire GEN Group. We also steer the production units' operation during emergencies and unforeseen events.

Also, we play a key role in providing ancillary services as a tertiary backup source within the national electric power grid. In addition, we coordinate the process of controlling reactive power and voltage for the GEN Group's production units.