JEK2 project presented at the international NENE conference
Portorož, 12.09.2023

The 32nd international New Energy for New Europe (NENE) conference is taking place in Portorož. The conference brings together leading nuclear experts from scientific research institutions, industry and regulatory bodies from more than 20 European countries and around the world, and from leading international organisations in the field of nuclear energy to present the latest developments in nuclear science and discuss the role of nuclear energy in the future supply of electricity. The programme of the conference, which is being organised by the Nuclear Society of Slovenia, also includes expert contributions from representatives of GEN energija.

At yesterday’s opening ceremony, GEN energija’s CEO, Dr Dejan Paravan, explained that the GEN Group, as the implementer of the transition to a self-sustaining and carbon-free electric power grid in Slovenia, is accelerating plans for complementary investments in renewable sources and nuclear energy, and is continuing with procedures and steps to speed up implementation of the JEK2 project, in particular with regard to spatial planning preparations.

In the context of significantly altered circumstances due to the energy crisis, the increased need for the reliable supply of domestically produced electricity and growing interest amongst domestic and foreign investors, we are actively studying the possibility of installing a more powerful reactor with a rated power of up to 2,400 MW.

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Dr Igor Papič, also stressed that nuclear energy, together with renewable sources, is crucial for the green transition. “Developing a successful and safe nuclear programme requires cooperation between industry, science and the government. The NEK’s 40 years of successful operation are proof that we possess the necessary knowledge, while the government has expressed its support for the continued use of nuclear energy,” he added.

When the conference continued today, Dr Bruno Glaser, Head of the Technical Sector, gave a detailed presentation of the development of the JEK2 project, which Slovenia needs to ensure reliable and clean electricity at a competitive price over the long term. At the forefront are planned activities until the final investment decision in 2028, with the start of spatial planning in 2024. Taking place in parallel are intensive preparations for the organisation of the project, technical dialogue with potential suppliers and analyses to select the most appropriate financing model. 

Several other GEN energija employees will be presenting expert contributions at the conference, which runs until Thursday.

For more about the conference, visit the Nuclear Society of Slovenia’s website.

JEK2 project presented at the international NENE conference