We will become a regional producer and supplier of low-carbon electricity at a competitive price, and achieve excellence on a global scale.



We are the leading regional implementer of the transition to a self-sustaining and low-carbon electric power grid based on nuclear energy and renewable sources. Through a value-added chain that covers the spectrum from production to supply, we ensure the reliable, competitive and customer-oriented supply of energy and energy services. 



In providing a comprehensive supply of electricity, we adhere to the following core values:

  • environmental acceptability: ensuring compliance with environmental standards is the cornerstone of the GEN Group's operations, as the power generation across the Group companies has very little impact on the environment in terms of various emissions.
  • safety: commitment to ensuring safety, particularly nuclear safety, is at the heart of our operations on every level. We always make sure that our employees, the people and the environment are safe, and that the technologies in our production facilities operate safely.
  • reliability: we provide a reliable supply of electricity from sustainable and renewable sources, primarily nuclear and hydro. Electricity is supplied to consumers whenever they need it. Trading is essential to ensuring a reliable supply if our power generation facilities fail to meet the demand for electricity.
  • sustainability: supplying electricity from low-carbon sources in an environmentally and socially responsible, operationally efficient and commercially excellent way. These are the core sustainability focuses our operation is based around.
  • competitiveness: the electricity we sell and trade is affordable for industrial and residential consumers alike. This way we help improve the stability and competitiveness of the business environment and promote the well-being of society. 

In our work we also play by the rules of business ethics as laid down in the  GEN energija Business Ethics Code of Conduct.


Strategic goals

Our strategic goals are to:

  • manage, run, maintain and invest in its existing facilities with the aim of ensuring safe, reliable, environment-friendly and economical operation of the existing production units in the long run,
  • expand its electricity and electricity-related services sales portfolio with the aim of increasing competition in this market,
  • invest in new production capabilities built around renewable and sustainable sources and technologies in order to increase the reliability of electricity supply to consumers and, as a result, to contribute to the sustainable development of Slovenia.


Implementing GEN's Corporate Policy 

In response to changed business conditions, in 2014 we updated the GEN Group Development Scheme for the 2015–2019 period with a look ahead to 2024, which was subsequently passed by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) in its capacity as company founder.