GEN for a reasoned discussion on the JEK2 project and Slovenia's energy future
Ljubljana, 30.01.2024

At the invitation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Robert Golob, a meeting of the political leadership was held on January 30th, 2024 in Ljubljana on Slovenia's energy self-sufficiency and the long-term use of nuclear energy, including the decision-making process on the construction of the second unit of the nuclear power plant. The meeting was attended by Dr Dejan Paravan, the CEO of GEN energija, the developer of the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Krško (JEK2).

GEN energija is actively continuing the activities of the JEK2 project. According to calculations by the GEN Group, the combination of investments in renewable sources and nuclear energy is the most suitable for Slovenia to address the challenges of decarbonization and achieve an adequate level of self-sufficiency in electricity. »The unification of policymakers in recognizing nuclear energy as an integral part of the solution for the transition to a low-carbon and self-sufficient future is extremely important for further preparatory activities for the JEK2 construction project. The support of the citizens of Slovenia in a referendum would certainly accelerate project activities,« emphasized Dr Paravan after the meeting.

The activities of GEN energija are focused on preparations for the efficient process of siting of the new power plant, coordinated with the government's Working group for the coordination of preparatory activities for the JEK2 project. The goal is to implement the adoption of the National spatial plan in such a way that the final investment decision on the project can be made no later than 2028.

Simultaneously, several studies are in the final phase, including a seismic study of the location and a study of the connection of JEK2 to a capacity of up to 2,400 MW to the Slovenian electricity grid, as well as the preparation of business model proposals and a selection process for choosing the supplier of JEK2.

Active participation by providing expert and comprehensive information

Long-term use of nuclear energy with the country's decision for JEK2 requires the widest national and political consensus. As the GEN Group has always actively contributed to strengthening energy literacy, we will continue to actively participate in the reasoned discussion on the JEK2 project and Slovenia's energy future in the coming months until the referendum, by providing expert and comprehensive information.

GEN for a reasoned discussion on the JEK2 project and Slovenia's energy future